You’re Focused on Achieving Your Dreams

Your Investments Should Be Too

Real Estate Investment

Stocks and bonds are just the basics.   

Our firm’s investment population includes real estate. 

By sourcing and vetting real estate opportunities, we are able to save our clients time and introduce them to an expanded set of investment opportunities.

Let’s build the future of your dreams together.

* The chart/graphic is used with permission by Visual Capitalist. Source link for graphic can be found here.

The chart highlights the increased investments that high net worth families have in real estate. These successful families are willing to accept moderate level of illiquidity (aka “locking up” their money) in return for either higher expected returns or stable income streams.

Introducing real estate does come with its added tax complexities. With our team of CPA’s on staff, we are able to navigate the tax code to efficiently structure real estate investments in your net worth.

Similar to stocks, real estate investments have many different flavors, returns and risks. We introduce our clients to these different styles, working to compliment development with cash-flow real investments. Contact an advisor today to learn about the real estate investments that may be right for you.

** Images below are representative only and not meant to represent actual investments

Stabilized Investments

Development Investments

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